Thursday February 21, 2019

Rates & Fees

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Effective as of: 2/20/2019
Insufficient Funds (NSF)
NSF Return Overdraft$25
NSF paid by overdraft line transfer$2
NSF paid by another account$12
NSF paid by auto transfers$12
NSF VISA credit card payment$25
ATM/Debit Card
Replacement Card$5
Exceed 12 foreign ATM withdrawals/inquiries $1
Low balance$1
Assessed at month end if savings balance drops below $25
Stop payment fee$12.50
*Paid check photo copy$2
*Statement copy$2
*Denotes free via Online Banking
Returned Deposit Item$25
Money Orders$1.50
AMEX Travelers ChecksFREE
VISA Gift Checks$1.50
Domestic Wire Fee Outgoing$15
International Wire Outgoing$35
Incoming WiresFREE
Stop Payment on Cashier's Check$12.50
Account Research per hour$10
Cashier Check (less than $500)$1.50
Mortgage Subordination$75
Levy, Subpoena, Legal Action$15
Dormant Account (No activity 1095 days)$5
Electronic Bill PayFREE
VISA Credit Card Payment at the Teller Window$2
VISA Credit Card Cash Advance at foreign ATM/Bank$2
VISA Credit Card by Phone payment$1

Auto Rates
2016-19 2.75% - 3.25%
2004-15 4.25% - 5.00%

Mortgage Loans
Home Equity LOC 4.25%
3 YR ADJ MTG 3.75%
Fixed MTG 15 YR 5.0%

Share Rates
Regular Share 0.50%

CD Rates
3-Month CD   1.15%
6-Month CD  1.20%
1-Year   CD  1.85%
2-Year   CD 1.90%
3-Year   CD  2.00%
5-year   CD 2.20%


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