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The 600 Atlantic Federal Credit Union will continue to operate on abbreviated hours until further notice. Hours are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (Closed Wednesday of each week). If visiting the Credit Union, please be aware anyone entering Federal Reserve Plaza is required to wear a face covering while on the premises. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises the use of face coverings to slow the spread of the virus. We thank you for your cooperation. If your employment has been affected by the ongoing pandemic crisis, and are in need of emergency funds or struggling to pay your loans, please contact Ralph Moore at: RMoore@600atlanticfcu.org

ATTENTION: Some members may receive communication in the mail from our external auditors Garvey, Steele and Co. regarding account and loan balance verification. These are valid mailings, so please respond to them. If you have any issues or concerns please contact the Credit Union.

Members with Christmas Club accounts have had the funds from their Christmas Club swept into their regular shares Monday, October 5th.

Rates & Fees

Effective as of: 01/31/2020
New Autos
2019 - 2020 40 - 63 Months2.00%
64 - 78 Months2.99%
Up to 100% of Kelley Blue Book value. Please visit: https://www.kbb.com
Used Autos
2016 - 2018Up to 68 Months3.20%
2012 - 2015Up to 60 Months3.75%
2007 - 2011Up to 39 Months4.25%
2006 or OlderUp to 36 Months5.25%
Up to 100% of Kelley Blue Book value. Please visit: https://www.kbb.com
2017 - 2010Up to 60 Months4.50%
2016 or olderUp to 48 Months5.00%
Up to 100% of Kelley Blue Book value. Please visit: https://www.kbb.com
Home Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Home Equity1 Year Adjustable180 Months4.50%
Adjustable Rate Mortgage3 Year Adjustable180 Months2.875%
Fixed Rate Mortgage15-20 Year (1st Lien)180 Months3.625% - 4.50%
Fixed Rate Mortgage15-20 Year (2nd Lien)180 Months4.00% - 4.50%
Our Home Equity rates will always be .25% below the Prime Rate
Please contact us for 5 - 10 year specialized fixed rate mortgages
Personal Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature$15,000 Maximum36 Months12.65%
Up to 60 Months13.75%
*90 Day Special*Up to 60 Months6.49%
Share Secured Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
SignatureUp to 60 Months1.50%
Share Secured Loan rates will always be 1% above the Regular Shares dividend rate found on the Dividend Rates page.
Education Tuition Loans
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature$15,000 Maximum36-60 Months6.00%
Home or Auto Insurance Premium Loan
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature18 Months4.90%
Winter Heat Budget Program
Loan TypeTermA.P.R.
Signature12 Months4.90%
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