Once a member, always a member


The 600 Atlantic Federal Credit Union will operate on abbreviated hours through the end of March and most likely continuing into April. Teller windows 9:00 am to 1 pm (Closed Wednesday of each week). Any questions can be directed to Ralph Moore (617)973-9500 or email: Rmoore@600atlanticfcu.org

Rates & Fees

Effective as of: 3/9/20
Share TypeMin BalanceRate
Regular Shares$25.000.25%
Certificate of Deposit
MaturityMin DepositRate
3 month CD$2,500.000.80%
6 month CD$2,500.000.85%
1 year CD$2,500.000.95%
2 year CD$2,500.001.05%
3 year CD$2,500.001.10%
4 year CD$2,500.001.20%
5 year CD$2,500.001.30%
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